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Above: The new Lime Render has received a Limewash.


Limecrete is a multi-layered solid flooring system, designed to be both breathable and insulating. The insulating layer consists of either a recycled foamed glass or expanded clay balls. The system is fully compatible with under floor heating and can either serve as a substrate for your chosen floor covering or be polished much the same as concrete.

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Lime has been used as a building material for centuries, like most traditional materials it is breathable. Traditional solid walls naturally absorb and evaporate moisture which is the process we refer to as breathing. Modern building materials are impervious so their use on traditional buildings is inappropriate, they act as a barrier against moisture and will cause moisture to become trapped within the walls. 

Modern buildings are also rigid structures built on deep solid foundations, traditional buildings are softer and often on softer, shallower foundations. As a result they move in equilibrium with the seasonal changes. Rigid modern materials when used on traditional buildings do not respond to this and will crack and break. Lime is softer and able to move without such issues.

Lime is also kinder to the environment, a natural product that reabsorbs the carbon it emits during manufacture when it cures. It uses much less energy in production than cement so is a more eco-friendly option.

Above: Inappropriate cement render removed.

Below: A new Lime Render is being applied.


EcoCork is an insulating plaster/render. Its a lime based plaster with cork aggregate added to provide greater thermal properties, whilst remaining fully breathable. Suitable for use internally and externally. If your looking to increase your buildings energy-efficiency speak to us about ecoCork and other products.

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We use top quality ingredients and are experienced in the traditional methodology of applying lime, whether its an external render, an internal repair or full re-lath and re-plaster we can help. For pointing repairs we carefully colour match the new mortar to the old so that it blends in perfectly. We are also fully accomplished in the rare skill of tuck pointing.