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Conservation and Restoration

Above: The decorative cornice had suffered damage.

Below: We successfully restored the original back to its former glory.

We are devoted to the conservation and sympathetic restoration of heritage buildings. We are experienced in the use of traditional building materials and the restoration of traditional features. The importance in the use of traditional materials cannot be underestimated as modern materials are not appropriate and prevent the building from breathing. Traditional buildings absorb and evaporate moisture where as modern buildings create a rigid and impervious barrier against moisture. When modern materials are used on traditional buildings they prevent the breathing process, causing moisture to be diverted or trapped within the walls. A traditional buildings breathing process can be maintained with the use of traditional materials, such as lime and breathable paints.

The core character of a property needs to be preserved. We have experience in the preservation and restoration of many traditional features, always retaining as much of the original as possible, any restorative works are done on a like for like basis ensuring that your properties unique character remains.

The above domed light well had been left to decay and covered with fibre glass. We managed to restore the dome using crown glass to resemble its original look.