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We are a family business that began originally as Booth and Son Restoration Ltd, as we grew we added joinery divisions and a design division before deciding to merge as one company - J and D Restoration Ltd. We have had years of experience and have had the pleasure of working on some very interesting and beautiful buildings, even saving some that were at risk.



We are a committed and experienced team who all share the same passion for our built heritage.


Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Most of all: they all love what they do. We are a diverse team bringing a range of skills so that we can cater for every need on a project. Our fully qualified Heritage Designer oversees all design aspects and ensures that works are sympathetic to the period of the building.

Old buildings behave in different ways to new, they move and adjust with the changing climate, they are vunrable to rot and insect infestatation and were never designed with our modern life in mind. We understand this and know how to work with a building to get around this. Our vast experience ensures what ever works are carried out are done with what is best for the building in mind.

J And D Restoration Ltd Conservation And Restoration

We Know How Old Buildings Behave

Traditional buildings are different to modern. They work by being able to absorb and evaporate moisture, instead of being an imperveous structure like their modern counterparts, this is the process that we refer to as breathing. Modern materials prevent this process and trap moisture within the walls, leading to damp and decay. We understand what materials should be used to make this breathing process continue, thus protecting your building for the future.

Help with Planning



Why Choose Us

We can help with the planning and/or listed building consent process, or even handle the whole process for you. Any required plans can be drawn up in house, we can even produce 3D visuals to help you visualise your project. If your a public project and need help acheiving grants or funding etc. we can provide you with plans and presentations to assist this. What ever your requirement talk to us and we will do our best to help.



We Understand that Old Buildings need to Breathe

We're passionate about the sympathetic restoration and conservation of listed and period buildings. Our team prides itself on attention to detail, however large or small your requirements, you can be assured of the quality and high standards your property deserves.

 J and D Restoration